Bagh – The story of a Journey

We asked a simple question – “what is your history”, not knowing what stories have we invited to unfold before us, as we carelessly hopped and scanned the whole dye splurged courtyard of Ismile Khatri of Bagh.

It started with Sindh, their original place of inhabitance and went on to how the two brothers – the Khatris of Kutch and the Khatris of Bagh decided to settle down after a long journey southwards, at two different places… each more appropriate to their own crafts. The ‘Khatris’ a textile community from Sindh migrated to Gautampura and later on to Manavar. From Manavar a part of the community moved to bagh, a nearby village in search of good quality water for their craft, and also to avoid octroi taxes. Ismail Suleman Khatri, a National awardee and one of the founding fathers of the cluster speaks through the experience of his old eyes, shining behind the smoke puff as he lets them both fade away.

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