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Gaatha project was originally conjured only for researching and documenting the rapid erosion of Indian craft clusters and heritage. However, we soon learnt from the artisans themselves that need was not to do research alone, but to restore ‘pride and serious commercial opportunity’ in their ecosystem. Today Gaatha thus aims to bring the lost respect and wealth back to these beautiful and aesthetically rich Indian handicraft clusters. These researches are important because just like Industrial goods sell on ‘features’, crafts sell on the processes / stories / heritage that go into making them.

We should give crafts a fair chance, someone is right now merrily making something for us, singing a folk song, in a humble house, deep inside India.

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‘Gaatha’ meaning ‘a great story’, has been functioning in the craft sector for over five years now. With its many amazing stories that have been shared with the audience, Gaatha has been actively supporting the Indian artisan community by providing them a unique platform for their products and unique voices. It’s the transfer of this value-system more than the handicraft itself, which is the objective of the ‘Gaatha’ project.

Above all, we want to identify Handicrafts of India & recognize the faceless artisan all over the world.

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Winds of Change ~ Indian hand Fan (Pankha)

With the disappearance of the relevancy of this hand fan (Pankha) craft in India, the tradition deeply rooted and tied to India’s craft culture is starting to wither away


Moonj is harvested in the months of October and November. Women weave and compose baskets for their household utility and also to form a part of a bride’s trousseau. This is largely carried out as a secondary occupation to agriculture in Uttar Pradesh.
Iron Nutcracker

सरौता ~ Nutcracker

a few artisans in sarangpur, Madhya Pradesh, who are making nutcrackers they were so fascinated by. The students watch wide-eyed as a pair of metal-smiths forge a piece of metal and file the head into an L-shape, one of them controlling the forge while holding the article..
beetle in costume

Beautified by Beetles

Things like precious pearls and gems, pure gold and silver wires, ivory and rare animal fur, feathers and shiny beetle wings were used. In the making of the Jama ( A dress ) especially, the gota patti work incorporated a unique kind of sequin made from Elytron or the fore-wing of the Jewel-Beetle that belongs to Buprestidae family.
Dhalapathara saree design

Dhalapathara ( saree weaving)

Dhalapathara saree used to be the first choice of everyone. Dhalapathara, literally meaning white stone, was at its peak from late 1800s to mid 1900s. It was a regular at weekly markets of Bhubhuneshwar, Calcutta, Sonepat, even in Madhya Pradesh during the 1950s. Oh! the traders from Kolkata used to drool over these Dhalapathara sarees!

CARTing ( bullock cart Craft)

The cultural representation of bullock cart has led us to visualise it with a bullock carrying a cart on its shoulders with two wheels attached. But owing to diverse topography, different breeds of bullock and the purpose they serve, the design of the carts have to be customised uniquely.

Patta ( Bengal Painting )

In recent times, Pattachitra is used to depict and spread awareness about recent historical events like The French Revolution, World Wars, Bengal Plagues, Freedom Struggle among others. But the most interesting point to observe here is that all the characters of these images have Bengali physical features…

The Ink Diaries

The desire to communicate messages, ideas and stories through the means of visual depiction is a phenomenon, filled with the aroma of antiqueness. One can perhaps suggest that the role of ink became pivotal the very moment there were ‘writings’ on the walls.


Indian Tribe poster

Gaatha brings you Know Your Native, where we help you join hands with various different tribal communities in India and distinguish one tribe from another by understanding their culture, ornamentation, clothing, hairstyles and other various practices.
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Indian handicrafts film

Short films on handicrafts of India, learn about the beautiful history, folk tales, customs, significance, Traditional Designs & making process.
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