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Gaatha project was originally conjured only for researching and documenting the rapid erosion of Indian craft clusters and heritage. However, we soon learnt from the artisans themselves that need was not to do research alone, but to restore ‘pride and serious commercial opportunity’ in their ecosystem. Today Gaatha thus aims to bring the lost respect and wealth back to these beautiful and aesthetically rich Indian handicraft clusters. These researches are important because just like Industrial goods sell on ‘features’, crafts sell on the processes / stories / heritage that go into making them.

We should give crafts a fair chance, someone is right now merrily making something for us, singing a folk song, in a humble house, deep inside India.

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‘Gaatha’ meaning ‘a great story’, has been functioning in the craft sector for over five years now. With its many amazing stories that have been shared with the audience, Gaatha has been actively supporting the Indian artisan community by providing them a unique platform for their products and unique voices. It’s the transfer of this value-system more than the handicraft itself, which is the objective of the ‘Gaatha’ project.

Above all, we want to identify Handicrafts of India & recognize the faceless artisan all over the world.

(Indian Handicrafts)
Ajanta painting with bead jewelry

Just a simple Bead!

This trade route vibrantly flourished till about 1200 BCE and collapsed thereafter due to war, strife and political instability. Both trade and stories were lost. Incidentally, around the same time, the glass-bead making industry in India was blossoming in several regions…

On the Wood of Many Hues

The pieces spin once again to apply the coat of lacquer. The sticks of Lac are pressed against the constantly moving surface. The friction of it begins melting the sticks and colour blooms onto the wood as the Lac sticks to it. If the natural colours do not suffice, the artisans turn to acrylics…

Creators of the Creator (bronze casting)

The process of bronze casting is, in itself, a very spiritual experience. A Sthapathi is expected to be well-versed in the Neetisaram, Amaram, Shilpasaaram, and the Dhyan shlokas. He recites these shlokas and lets the aura of God guide him and help conceive the deity’s form in his mind.

The Story & the storyteller!

As old as civilisation, the tradition of narrating stories with the help of puppets has been a great source of entertainment and knowledge. Bringing down stories from generation to generation, the storyteller (sutradhara – holder of strings) acquires a vital role in puppet shows.
Traditional Bagru Artisan

Amidst Rays of Hope and Sunlight (Bagru)

This verse rang true when they came across a piece of land near Jaipur, soil-rich with the waters from river Sanjaria. They rejoiced and settled down with newfound hopes in the place that would come to be known as Bagru.
Doll makers, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

From Rags to Riches (Jhabua Dolls)

The uniqueness of Jhabua cloth dolls is evident through the traditional garb that they wear. These dolls, which can even be as tall as a little girl itself are an embodiment of a person belonging to the Bhil tribe.
Harappa seal and jewelry craft

A Walk through the streets of Harappa

It’s been 5000 years since the Indus Valley civilisation flourished in areas of what is now India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Thousands of years later, we can still witness the various continuities from the past when it comes to designing our accessories even today
Pattu weaving Craft


People of dhani grow crops such as jowar and bajra for household consumption as well as selling among fellow weavers thereby creating a sustainable lifestyle locally within the village. Apart from farming in summers they also weave Pattu…

Uncommon sense

Do you think ‘common’ sense leads to a loss of ‘sense’? Wikipedia defines ‘common sense’ as a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things that are shared by (“common to”) nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without need for debate.

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Indian Tribe poster

Gaatha brings you Know Your Native, where we help you join hands with various different tribal communities in India and distinguish one tribe from another by understanding their culture, ornamentation, clothing, hairstyles and other various practices.
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Indian handicrafts film

Short films on handicrafts of India, learn about the beautiful history, folk tales, customs, significance, Traditional Designs & making process.
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